What is Kantha stitching?

Kantha stitching is a type of embroidery in eastern South Asian countries, particularly Bengal. Layers of old cotton and silk saris are stacked together and stitched to make all types of Kanthas such as quilts, clothing, home decor, bedding, scarves, and more. Kantha is also used as a means of self-expression and is said to bring happiness to the wearer of Kantha.

Kantha Design

Kantha design is simply beautiful. At NAGADA, all of our designs are hand-made with the finest silks and cottons. Each Kantha piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Today, Kantha design is coveted by those who appreciate art and enjoy Bohemian design and ancient crafts and techniques from other parts of the world. Kantha design is  exquisite and most pieces are reversible, meaning you can wear the clothing in two different fashionable ways. Kantha clothing is comfortable, well made and can be worn all-year-round.