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Welcome to the NAGADA USA online store!

NAGADA USA features the latest selections from “NAGADA fashion and textiles”, a company based in Cairo, Egypt.

Browse through the fashion, home collection and accessories lines to discover items designed for the modern, contemporary woman and inspired by the beauty, quality, and timelessness of tradition.

My name is Nina Setrakian, and for  more than  15 years, I have been selling the NAGADA clothing and accessories line in Greater Cleveland, Ohio.

My sister, Sylva Nasrallah, is along with Michel Pastore,  co-founder and one of the designers of NAGADA.  When my sister first introduced me to the line, I was immediately attracted by its unique story and concept, so I decided to open up my home few times a year to share it with friends and clients. I travel to Cairo once a year, to visit NAGADA’s showroom, nestled in a 1930’s Italian style villa, in the heart of the city. There, I have the pleasure to discover first hand the gorgeous pieces which are created and manufactured on site. To learn more visit

Thank you for joining me on a journey across culture and time, supporting the practices of ancestral weaving and handicraft that are in danger of being forgotten.