Did you know that NAGADA is the name of an Egyptian village that dates back to the times of the Pharaohs?

NAGADA village can still be found on the left bank of the river Nile, between the ancient cities of Qena and Luxor.  For more than a millennia, it has always been a village of weavers that has not lost the technologies, customs, and traditions practiced by their ancestors.  Today, weavers work daily on the same looms used 1000 years ago.

In the 1900’s, the weavers of NAGADA primarily produced the textiles for the Sudanese ferka (a long cloth traditionally worn by Sudanese brides).  However, the outbreak of  the Sudanese civil war in 1988 brought all production to a halt, leaving the looms idle.

Michel Pastore, a Swiss potter and textile artist, with the help of a grant from a Canadian development agency, decided to revive the tradition of weaving in the NAGADA village.  Soon he met Sylva Nasrallah, and together they founded the NAGADA company in Cairo, that would work with the weavers to create a stunning and unique line of clothing, accessories, and home decor.

While maintaining the beauty of the handwoven fabrics of the village, and ensuring this tradition continues, they introduced higher quality yarns and explored other traditional weavings from all over Egypt.  As their designs evolved, they looked for inspiration beyond Egypt, discovering the exquisite beauty of ikats and batiks of Central and South East Asia, fusing ancient Egyptian tradition with contemporary concepts and a global inspiration.

Clients from all over Egypt and travelers from all over the world can visit and shop at the original  NAGADA store, located in a beautiful neighborhood in the heart of Cairo. To learn more visit www.nagada.net

But now, without having to make the trip all the way across the ocean, NAGADA USA brings these unique creations to fashion and art lovers in the United States.